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I was born an American, but I got over it.  In 1967, the Viet Nam war was too much for a Korean war veteran, and I decided to emigrate.  I had several countries in mind but visited Canada first.  I crossed the border at sundown and watched the lowering of the new Canadian flag.  To understand my elation, you would have to participate in an American, corpse-de-ballet, flag-lowering grovel, complete with saluting, bugle calls, triangular folding, glycerin tears and synthetic-rubber reverence.  But that Canada Customs agent, with his hat on his head and his cigar jutting from his mouth like the proud bowsprit of a Grand Banks schooner, reefed the flag off the halyards, sauntered across the lawn dragging it behind him, balled it up and stuffed it into the trunk of his car on top of his spare tire, tool boxes and hockey armor.

“By God!” I exclaimed.  “This country is for me!” so I emigrated and became a Canadian citizen as soon as I could.

Oh, please!  Can’t we keep this?  Can’t we please ball up all the empty, chauvinistic, maudlin, anthem-singing, flag-worshipping quasi-patriotism and stuff it south of the border where it belongs?

Vancouver, March 20, 1998

Some Thoughts on the Great

Parliamentary Flag Debate

Leigh Cross


I would like to thank all my neighbours, friends, and relatives for your support. I went into Jubilee hospital on Wednesday the 24th of June for a vascular surgery named Femoral Cross over. (Look it up, it’ll scare you as it did me) I posted a few photos on instagram and Facebook and the response was overwhelming. I’m out now with instructions to not drive or lift heavy things for 30 days. Your kindness and concern bouyed me up. (Along with the dedicated nurses and attendants at the hospital)
The surgeon and her office were extremely helpful and sympathetic.
All in all these factors made the experience bearable.
So, thanks again and you won’t see me much for a while as I’m on self isolation for a while. (with some great anti-pain drugs.)
Bob Cain