One thought on “Today’s Photo July 16/06 from Hornby Island”

  1. always loved this shot of yours bob. good times when the Hornby tribe visited Seattle in the 1970’s+

    And here is the bs:
    In a poetic attempt to consolidate concerns of assertion and assimilation, Seattle George Monument simultaneously portrays Chief Seattle (originally Chief Sealth) and George Washington. The monument’s base is a trellis, an open cube with a grid functioning as a curtain wall and a gazebo. A tripod supports a cone torso and the monument’s head, twenty-four aluminum profiles of Chief Seattle fanned out to create an armature for English Ivy growing out of a Boeing 707 nose cone planter. A sharpened template will act as a wind vane, trimming the ivy overgrowth into a 360- degree evergreen bust of George. Eventually, as the vines cover the head, Chief Seattle will become a memory. The indigenous culture is figuratively a foundation upon which the present is an overlay. The cone and tripod suggest an inverted lodge, and at the same time refer to George Washington’s work as a surveyor, with the cone becoming his plumb bob. The silhouettes were appropriated from their namesakes on the city and state logos.

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