In 1965 I ended up in Europe and married! This is a fascinating memory for me. The chances that it happened are astounding. My girlfriend ,Jo, had decided to go to England along with my ex-girlfriend, Midge. My fault. I introduced them and they got along well enough to make travel plans.
So…they left and I was about to figure out my own travel plans. My friend Ron’s aunt and uncle were moving to Hawaii and they invited  me along. Told me jobs were plentiful.

 Ron’s aunt and his mother. Hawaii party. 1964

Geoff had a pool table in the basement, Ron and I would go round once a week and play billiards or pool or snooker.

Great party. I took my friend, Dorothy.

Lots of good old friends. There’s Jim Blair, Brian and Ron Jones on the far right.

I applied for immigration to the states. Went downtown and got my fingerprints taken. They checked to see if I was a criminal. Found out I wasn’t and invited me into the consulate for an interview. They approved my admission and all I had to do was wait.

This was the big turning point in my life. If I’d gone to Hawaii, became an American where and what would I be doing today?

Couldn’t wait. I decided to follow my girlfriend to Europe. I had been working at the foundry and had enough money to make the trip.(or so I thought). So, I bought a bus ticket to Montreal. I was going to find a ship in Montreal that would sail me to England. Lots of excitement to come…

Ron’s aunt and uncle had moved to Australia with their two sons and in 2005 Ron and I attempted a visit. Ron’s uncle, Geoff, had acknowledged his homosexuality and his aunt was in a home with a good part of her brain missing. We managed to visit one of the boys who wanted to have nothing to do with us.

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