David Taug’s House



In January 1974 David Taug’s cabin burnt down. As in most house fires on the island the building was just about burnt to the ground by the time the fire department arrived.The citizens of Hornby rallied to build him a new residence. (I was a fresh citizen, this being my second winter)That’s Vaugh Neville and Michael Mcnamara with Albert Savoie in the foreground.



Many hands were available.



Albert Savoie and Lloyd Rogers. There was no ‘Hippy war’ on Hornby. Newcomers and old-timers got along just fine.



That’s David Taug on the left with Jerry Swatez. David was what I can only describe as a charismatic bully. He had lots of charm and a talent for getting  folks to do things his way.



The roof was on just as it was getting dark. Quite a feat for a single day’s work!

David sold the house and lot shortly thereafter. As a fellow volunteer recently said when I asked if he remembered how soon he sold after the building party-

“I’m sure it was inside a year, and probably well inside. But I can’t remember exactly the time frame. Could have been weeks.
What I do remember well is talking with David not too long after the house was built; he was really relieved: new baby, no job, no money. Huge problem he thought, but then realized, “Hey, no problem”.
A little while later I heard what his solution was.
We were so PO’d. “

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