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Karl Hausknecht/1991

Ron Shulman and I went to Australia in 2005. Ron’s mom, had died and his dad was in acute dementia. Our job was to clean up and Ready the house in Sydney. Part of the resources to deal with was a chunk of land in the north. Town of Bundy.

Karl heard we were going to Australia and volunteered to give us an itinerary of useful trips. We had to drive north from Sydney and we jumped at the chance to see a part of the country not normally available.

We did what we could for a short while cleaning up the house then hopped in the car and went north. If you didn’t know, Aussies drive on the wrong side of the road, and with Ron driving we had a few close calls. But the drive was beautiful and very entertaining. We got to see a lot of small towns where we were an oddity. Our accent was a mystery to the folks we met. Most people figured we were a type of American. Australia is a beautiful country with many exotic animals. The weirdest were the million of toads that tried to get across the roads. Apparently, the toads had been imported for an exotic food and, of course, some got loose and since they had no natural predators their population expanded into the millions.

We were in the country for about 3 to 4 weeks and it was time to close up shop. Took a plane back to Sydney and got to finishing up the disposal of the house. Karl’s daughter and family were in Sydney and we gave them a call to find out if they wanted any of the stuff we were throwing away. (We didn’t have the time to go through normal channels and dispose of the stuff. We had to literarily throw it away) The family came by and we managed to unload a whole bunch of great stuff. (I think the highlight was a very good and expensive vacuum cleaner.)

Nice young couple. We were happy to help them out.

That was it! We packed up and left the country. Stopping in Fiji on the way home. Met Lorraine and Kathi there. Great holiday!