4 thoughts on “Today’s Photo July 17/06 from Hornby Island”

  1. How did you know? Next time, date the thing! (or sneak it in after, for effect). Even more fun was your experimental photo — seems to me I’ve seen the human piece of it before in a simpler setting.

  2. Why should I have dated it? I know when this cover was screwed onto the box.
    25 years ago.

  3. Bob,
    Perhaps you will start taring the house apart just to find more meaningful messages?

    Something like, “thought you did it right the first time, eh?”

  4. Hi Bob:

    Just found your website and have really enjoyed the pictures of Hornby Island. I spent a lot of time there as a child so it was wonderful to see familiar faces. My grandparents were Jessie and Barney French. I found one picture of Grandpa Barney on your site and would love to know if you have others.


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