4 thoughts on “Today’s Photo from Hornby Island,Nov 25,2007”

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but after viewing this photo and the caption underneath I came to the conclusion that the fellow who is wearing what appears to be a shirt my father once owned is none other than Tim Biggins. I’ve never met Tim but I heard a lot about him (all positive) from my dad, who considered Tim a great man and loyal friend. Thanks Bob, for posting this photo.

    I really enjoy browsing your website. I only found it a few months ago but I check in at least once a week. Many of your photo’s bring back some great memories, especially during the time when I worked with Capt. Albert Savoie on the little 2 car ferry.

  2. You’re right. If you roll over the picture with your mouse his name should appear. Tim thought the world of your dad,

  3. I remember Tim Biggins. I was camping down at the beach where I met Bob C. Bob introduced me to Tim. Tim from 90% of accounts was a good guy. I think the government was after him. He had a pig he called Elvis and a house inspired by a model A ford.

  4. I went to grammar and high school with Tim Biggins. I’m trying to track him down and wonder if you have any contact information for him. If so, please send me the information at [email protected]. Thanks very much.

    Steve Gaeta

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