One thought on “Today’s Photo from Hornby Island,Feb21,2008”

  1. Well…it was 1976 not 1967…and in my fading memory it seemed like it was at least twice as big as that..nearly stepped on it,it took a swipe at me and missed,I jumped at least 10m meters ,screaming,…well never mind what I actually said ..the rest of the crew scattered,though they look pretty brave now that its dead.One of the local macheteros killed it and we presented its corpse to the project manager with further demands for the radio he’d been promising for a month or so …we got the radio,and I learned not to be the second or third person in the line when walking through the bush…the first one wakes the snake..the second or third..could get the suprise of his life.Would love to have a copy of that,thanks for the trip down memory road Bob

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