Climb the famous tree

Don’t get dizzy!

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This tree and other more complicated and creative structures can be found in Lloyd Khan’s “Builders of the Pacific Coast” (ISBN978-0-936070-43-8)
I started this project in 1996. Sometimes I’d build only one step a month. Usually taking a day to build each step. Just finished the platform this year.
Each step was a chess move. Keeps the mind alive!!

comment on Utube…

This video should be made into a movie. And the movie should be called, “Insane Man Climbs Questionable Staircase to Horrifying Heights”. And people should have to sign a wavier to? view it- its that frightening. The only thing that could make this scarier is if the tree never ended, we were looking down the entire time, and there were lots of monsters.

4 thoughts on “Climb the famous tree”

  1. more scary than actually climbing it…I had time to look at the structure rather than focusing on where I was going to place my foot next….I will have to do it again soon before I think too much about it…great video Bob,a fitting tribute to a fine piece of structural “by the seat of your pants” engineering.

  2. Wow, Bob, that was almost as scary as climbing it that time!
    It brought all the memories back.
    My stomach & head were doing whirlygigs!
    Great video!

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