One thought on “Constable Klink?”

  1. I guess it doesn’t matter if you are old are young. I was harrassed this summer in the co-op for no shirt or shoes. They talked down to me, trying to make a scene, I appologized, left, and then was upset the rest of the day. I’ve been coming to hornby my whole life, 22 years. This has never been an issue. The co-op has no policy on this matter. Who are these thugs to ruin someones day? I’m assuming it made theirs. I would have left it alone, but my mother phoned the RCMP and complained. Now I get a sly comment everytime I see the Hornby police. I wouldn’t have written this for it be my mother calling me today to tell me about the same cop, shoeless, inside the thatch pub during the Wave Off. I have been raised to be afraid of police, to stay in the shadows and avoid confrontation. I would love to think that the RCMP doesn’t reflect the Gestapo, but it does. If there is no reform in the RCMP, I can’t even immagine what it will be like when I get stopped for a breathalizer at your age.

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