17 thoughts on “Mr. Morritt”

  1. It seems to me that this is not the first photo of Mr. Morritt in the buff. Are you planning a series?

  2. I think Mr Morritt is trying to promote the idea of outdoor plumbing … Soon the bathtub at the bottom of the field for the cows to drink out – can be made into a real bathtub … the possibilities are endless, it is no longer necessary to build a house with all all the mod cons – it is the next step .. all the mod cons without the fuss of a house!

  3. i find it saddening that people who i had regarded
    as both friends and patrons of the arts would make
    such crude, insensitive, hurtful comments; lay on
    if you must, i shall but turn the other cheek.

  4. It is indeed such a beautiful shower that any sort of shower of public exclamation of its beauty would have been too show(er)y.

  5. The deep concentration, the care given to Alice shows that even though certain parts are freezing the true artist carries on!

  6. Is Alice the name of the shower, is Alice a cold shower? The true artist is the one that creates the art by putting into question the act of the artist by performing as the creator reminding the view that all art is therefore created and all artists are therefore not artists – but creators or builders or … is this what you are saying Annie, thus why it is called Alice in Wonderland – because by saying it is art and working on it at the same time the viewer is confused by his relationship to the piece of art and what he sees – a sort of Brechtian rethink of looking at art – is that it ?

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