In January 1974 David Taug’s cabin burnt down. As in most house fires on the island the building was just about burnt to the ground by the time the fire department arrived.The citizens of Hornby rallied to build him a new residence. (I was a fresh citizen, this being my second¬†winter)That’s Vaugh Neville and Michael Mcnamara with Albert Savoie in the foreground.

4 thoughts on “Volunteers”

  1. You are referring to my father David Taug. My name is Faro Taug. I would have been the new baby less than a month old at the time our property burned down. My parents described the experience as extremely traumatic.
    They had definitely felt like someone had burned their house down intentionally and that they wanted to leave the community. I would like to thank all the wonderful volunteers that assisted my family. You kept a young baby from going homeless. And I would like to apologize for my deceased father for any hard feelings still left by anyone. And I hope that my fathers memory could be looked and spoken about in kindness.
    Thank you

  2. Thanks for your input, Faro. The volunteers that rebuilt the house were truly representative of Hornby society.

  3. Bob, I am wondering if you can please contact me to share with me your sources of this article.. could you please email me at [email protected] this is such a random find and some more information would be great.

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