4 thoughts on “Sammy Sammy”

  1. Wow! Don’t remember ever seeing this spiffed up version of the self proclaimed Living Legend of Hornby Island

  2. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, seeing Sammy Sammy’s puppet shows became a most special and unique experience when I was spending time on Hornby Island with my mother-in-law Dale McGowan.

  3. My wife and I honeymooned in BC in 1977 and made a point of crossing over to Hornby to seek out Sammy Sammy. We had a mutual friend at home in Eugene Oregon who gave us directions and some things to give him. What an incredible man! We spent the day hearing his stories of his family immigrating across the US, ending up in Oregon. I helped him work on his sawmill that was powered with a V8 Chevy motor! My wife and I ended up at Tribune Bay that afternoon and had the whole beach to ourselves. Incredible trip that we will never forget!

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