4 thoughts on “Faire Dinkum?”

  1. Ah, the ever-trustworthy Lampshade Man resurfaces. I always wondered why Marvel never contacted me for a film appearance as part of the Avengers super-hero team.

  2. most likely because they didn’t want a superhero who
    couldn’t tell a cougar if it came up to him either in the
    street or in print

  3. That was my wife (the professional author of three published literary books!) who did not know how to spell cougar when she wrote out the name on the sandwich board. Not me, the perfectionist unable to read what was in front of him because it faced the wrong way. The dog sort of looked like a cougar, which itself was a joke because so many people has “seen” the cougar and reported their sightings, when all that they had really seen was a golden dog in the distance. In later years more “cougar” sightings on the island proved again to be people reporting having seen cougar-coloured dogs. My heroic superiority was never challenged, although LED light bulbs did cause some later minor assimilation difficulties.

  4. PS: who is that playing with Nancy’s hair, assuming it is the Nancy of the Steve and Nancy partnership?

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