4 thoughts on “Trimble’s Corner”

  1. We kept our 1st cow there and had to walk down twice a day to milk her. Strained the milk and washed the pails at Rita and Jim’s house as we didn’t have running water, ahh the good old days!

  2. Is that the cow I buried with the backhoe? The one Dr.Mary did an autopsy on? I had to stare at her work as I dug the hole.

  3. No different cow, as I recall, that one was Bessie One horn, and yes she died in the field and Dr. Mary thought it was from eating bracken fern, when they had all their spores on them.
    Oh the things we remember, but know where my shoes are!

  4. This cow died in the barn. We had to tear part of the wall out, hook a chain and drag the poor thing out.

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