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  1. I directed this show, Doris Stonehouse played the piano accompaniment, Mary Mackenzie designed the set and costumes (not shown in this photo). The kids are left to right: Trevor Stead, ?? Bouvier, Morgan Fels, Miriam ??, Joseph Bassett, Stuart Fels, and Melissa Devost. Sorry, I don’t remember all the names exactly, correct me if you have more accurate remembrance. It was a great show, the kids were simply marvellous.
    Tom Durrie

  2. Wait a minute. the first kid on the left is not Trevor Stead. I don’t think he’s in the photo, That’s Miriam ???. I’m not sure about the next two girls. One is for sure George Bouvier’s daughter. I’ll be Melissa would remember.

  3. One more. I remembered another name. I’m pretty sure the second from the left girl was Vickie (don’t know her last name). I should also mention that Trevor Stead was part of the show, he’s just not in this photo. The cast consisted of four girls and four boys.

  4. So think I’ve got it…..Miriam Mcnamera, Ariel Byers, Stuart Fels, Vicki McLeod, Joe Bassett, Latigo Biggins! Melissa Devost. Thanks Tom!

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