This is it!

The last picture I had published in a Courtenay newspaper. Of course, I wasn’t paid. (self promotion) Sometime  in 1998 I received a letter stating that they were unable to pay for photos any more. So thus ended any news reporting  of Hornby or Denman events. The remaining newspapers were concentrating on revenue from ads and flyers.

George Le Masurier had disappeared in 1994 when The Comox District Free Press lost a battle with the union. I contiued to send photos to The Comox Valley Record until the fateful correspondence arrived. This seems to be the only functioning news outlet in Courtenay. I don’t know if The Comox Valley Echo is still publishing but in those days it assumed it’s name with a vengeance. Not interested in news outside Courtenay. Just ‘echoed ‘ it’s bigger brother and told us about all the goodies we could buy in Safeway et al. However, on the bright side the Record seems to be doing more news stories. They even published something about Denman recently!(I’ve just noticed that the Echo has merged with the Record which is probably due to pressure from internet social sites)

As you may have noticed, George and I had a great and fun relationship. He treated me with  respect. (Even when I had to remind him about missing money) And, what’s more important is that before the internet introduced social media the people of Denman and Hornby got to learn about what was happening in their communities. So, thanks George for those  unforgettable years.

Going to take a break from this series. Even I didn’t realize how many photos I’d published in those years! Here’s a graphic of those photos I haven’t shown you. Don’t worry, they’ll all appear on the site some day.

6 thoughts on “This is it!”

  1. Well done, Bob. It’s amazing how many of these you did. I’m glad you kept all these photo/stories that were published.

    I’ve always loved seeing photos of small events—or not even “events,” just simple activities—because put together they make up a much bigger picture.

    Thanks for all the years of wonderful photos.

  2. Hornby Islanders, present and future, are so fortunate to have a resident photographer. Well done, Bob, for all your efforst over many years. You aren’t immortal (though maybe you are?) but your photographs will live on.

  3. I am going to miss those wonderful pictures of the past and the humorous parrying with George Thanks Bob

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