In December 2006 we flew to Ireland to visit Daughter Laura and Rob. Due to airline scheduling we were a week early and they were still working. The weather in Ireland is not the nicest in December so we took the opportunity  and visited a travel agent then booked a trip to the Canaries.

3 thoughts on “Dublin”

  1. I’ll always be grateful for this picture DB, not the first time it’s been posted. After working our asses off on the non existent guest room -5 layers of wallpaper taken off by hand with a steamer and scrapy tool the least of it- I didn’t get to have a go at the extra paint on the window with my trusty razor blade. Lucky for you as it added additional fog and drama to dreary Irish winter pic. That and original Edwardian sash windows and no central heating= priceless. Good thing we were off to Lisbon for Christmas after your holiday in the Canaries!

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