4 thoughts on “Passport Photos 8”

  1. Thanks for all these passport shots Bob.
    Great to see everyone!
    I like time travelling with Mona.

    Haha! Wow.
    This is the shadowy passport photo which caused me to be seized by the Stasi on my way to East Berlin.
    My visiting friend Siobhan was pushed through cattle-style, and then waited many cold hours, unsure how to proceed after I had disappeared, flanked by two looming Stasi and hadn’t exited interrogation.
    I was in possession of all our Marks, addresses, and the only few words of German between us, aside from “Ein Bier Bitte” and “ich Liebe Dich”.
    To be fair, we might have been dangling from the tail-end of a long night, before our attempted border-crossing, which rendered me unrecognizable. I was undoubtedly even more shadowy than girl in the passport photo.
    After several hours of trying to convince them I was me
    I think I mentioned the name of the arty passport photographer and they eventually released me.

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