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The End

So, this is  my sojourn into photography in the 1960’s. The highlighted texts are links. Just click on them to find out where I’m taking you. If you want to make a comment or see the comments just click on the title. If you missed the beginning go to and scroll back many days. 

This was it. The final party. Behind Glenn are the Posters I had printed then sold throughout Vancouver. They ended up in the Hornby Co-op for sale.  We had some beer and I was presented with a beautiful Nikon lens. You can see my enlarger on the desk which I had reclaimed. Focus used it all the years I was there. Speaking of years it was only 4 maybe 5 that I worked at Focus. An amazingly short time that would influence me for the rest of my life. This was it. Time to go!

Glenn stuck this on my enlarger. Kept it on Hornby. Memories.

Another Annette Shaw creation.


Jo and I had decided to move to Hornby so in 1971 we went looking for land.

First we looked at the place Joe Lowery would buy but finally bought 10 acres from John and Mary Fletcher. (I’m not going to tell you how much we paid. It’ll just make you angry)

Richard Dunne, Hal Arnold/1981

Frank Howard,Joane Humphrey/2002

Tears at a wedding.