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T.A.L. Smith

Not long ago our family was notified by our long time neighbour, Richard Ladouceur, about a discovery he had made during the deconstruction of a wall in the retirement home my great grandfather Robert Lea Smith built at 2870 Shingle Spit Rd. Wedged between two framing members he found an old metal stencil that would have likely been used to label produce leaving the island for sale elsewhere. Really exciting find. 

Patrick Birch

I’m Clara Peter’s grandson, Betty Smith’s great grandson and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed wading through your photo records of Hornby Island over the past few years.


Hornby Fair 1994/The sculpture attracts nudes. A little later, at a Joe King dance, We pulled Sam’s construct at some distance from the clubhouse. Then we lit it on fire. Pretty scary as there were a few drunks climbing and running through it as it burned.