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George wanted to express his  thoughts more delicately and elegantly  than his email which I published earlier. 

Dear Bob Cain (if that’s your real name),


I’m sorry you lost such an integral portion of your income when the Comox District Free Press closed in 1994 (after a fight to the death between Thomson Newspapers and the GCIU union). I can understand why an editor wouldn’t pay for your photographs, but to not publish them? It boggles the mind.


I moved to the U.S. in 1998 and published newspapers around Puget Sound, most recently The Olympian in Olympia. Never once did you send me a photograph of your friends doing strange things on Hornby Island, as you liked to do almost daily back in the old country.


But I have good news. I’ve retired and moved back home to Comox, and started a website for news, commentary and photography called And I would love to publish some of your new work.

According to my accountant’s calculations based on the cost of living, the inflation rate and how many times you’ve made fun of me on your so-called personal website, I can afford to pay FIVE TIMES what I used to pay you. Wow! I can’t believe I said that. I’m so generous.

All I require is some proof that you’re the real Bob Cain. You could be faking it. I notice, for example, that there isn’t one picture of you on your so-called website. Sound suspicious? I think so.

Your benefactor,

George Le Masurier

Check out his site. If you care about what’s going on in Courtenay/Comox this is the place.