Me in 1969. The copy camera also had a 4×5 back. We had a lot of fun with it.

Hal Arnold, Jo Cain. Hal’s apartment.

Hal and Dick Dunne met in England they were both in the Canadian Airforce. Hal had safely finished his 50 missions over Germany. Dick arrived too late. (The war ended as he was doing his training) They bought a sailboat together and sailed around England. They were going to sail it back to Canada but common sense took over and they abandoned the idea.

I’m pretty sure that Glenn was over there too and the three began a lifelong friendship.

3 thoughts on “Characters”

  1. Love the 60’s decor……..West End urban chic… skirts and high boots….”Mad Men” Vancouver style!

  2. I’m sure Glenn was over there too and at one point was going to be part of the sail home. I recall that he was working in the Ad Biz and doing quite well.

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