I worked with Alvin Balkind when he curated UBC Fine Arts Gallery. This is a show of paintings and prints by Joe Plaskett .

There’s Jo and Annette Shaw, Commercial artist, who became a great friend. (didn’t move to Hornby, though, she did move to a Gulf Island.)

Colin Spencer. Advertising design. Another link to Hornby. He and his wife ,Charlotte, Moved to Hornby in the early 70’s and started a new house. They split. He left and she’s still here.

We were getting quite a reputation. Jack Shadbolt brought in his Owl Paintings for copying. Yup, another Hornby connection. The Shadbolts were great friends and supporters over the years.

Glenn’s impression of yours truly.

One thought on “Artists”

  1. That’s a great photo of Colin. I like your perfect placement of the light bulb! He’s still doing art and photography, so some things don’t change. This trip through the 60s and 70s is terrific fun. Everything seemed so exciting, possible, and wacky back then. It still does, actually, at least the wacky part… let’s hold on to that one as long as we can!

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