Home Sweet Home

Another shot from the sky by Eric Lien. Note the colourful roofs. I’ve been working for over 40 years to get the right patina on these roofs. It’s an ongoing endeavour /2019

Can you spot the tree platform?

7 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home”

  1. The trail crew put down new gravel on the Big Tree/School Trail. And I said a quilt to Bob this morning when I was looking at the big print of this.

  2. Fabulous photo, Bob. The one looking down on your property is an interesting one. Looks like you guys were getting close to the tree tops!
    A good day for a fly by.

  3. Loved your photos from the airplane. What is often surprising is how the layout of the land that we imagine as vehicle drivers requires an
    adjusted orientation when viewed from the air. At least, that is what I was getting when I looked at your property. ( Think your tree platform is in the upper right. )
    I notce that this happens when using Google Earth. Try to sort out 64th and Fremlin. Difficult for me.

    Hope you will be featuring some more aerial photos.

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