The early Lodge

I discovered your website thanks to John McLachlan, a high school friend and cousin on my father’s side.  I notice in your collection of history photos that you have a number of photos from Hornby Island: The Ebb and Flow.  I have a copy of that book, and on page 40 is a photo of the Hunt family at The Lodge.  Shirley (Hunt) Hollett is my mother and is the blonde girl patting the dog in the photo.  She is 93 now and living in North Vancouver.  The caption for the photo states the photo was from 1924, but my grandparents bought the property and built the lodge in 1928 and my mother was born in 1926.  I would guess the photo is from around 1938.  I have a number of photos of the lodge and the family from the period 1928 – 1941 that the Hunts owned and ran the lodge, and a few years ago I researched the history of the ownership of the Lodge property.

Ken Hollett

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  1. Haha, I was going to say,”look they are all reading paper books, not checking their messages.” But maybe he was writing a note, not texting.

  2. Lovely photo. (I just wondered if anyone else was going to write about the man in the middle looking like he was on his cell phone).

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