2 thoughts on “Today’s Photo March9/06 from Hornby Island”

  1. While writing my fourth book, “Dry’d, Fry’d, and Sky’d by Headwinds and Heat: My Trans-Texas Bicycle Odyssey 11JUN-08JUL2011” I make reference to outstanding locations throughout the world, some well known, some lesser known. One of the lesser known is that of SammySammy and his 3-story treehouse on Hornby Island, which I had visited in 1982. It was such an honor to overnight there, and I am greatly pleased to see this photo of him. He looks unchanged from what I remember in 1982! I, on the other hand, have changed; I still pedal, I still present Bicycle Safety Education to elementary school students, but I also married, have 2 wonderfully successful children, and weigh at least 35 more pounds! I wish all of the (former) students well–they were a significant part of my first book (really a pricy pamphlet), and have acknowledged them (their school) in the tome: BICYCLE SAFETY WITH BIKERJOHN. I thank all of you!

  2. “It’s a small world” I thought when a friend from Vancouver told me that her contractor was from Hope. His name was Trevor Redpath. As it turned out I had taught Trevor when he was in Grade 8…so it was with great pleasure that I was able to see him all grown up and doing well. Trevor is a devoted family man who flips out the photos of wife and kids 10 minutes into the conversation. A real treat. But wait! The world gets smaller! Trevor also told us that he has a Hornby Island connection. And that connection is that he is a grandson of Sammy Sammy. More astonishing, Trevor is a LEGITIMATE grandson! So it is with great pleasure that I will forward the website to Trevor. I am sure he will enjoy the photo.

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