Where to Eat?


The latest addition to a plethora of eating places this summer.

There are ten places you can go to eat on Hornby Island this summer.

1. Bird’s the Word*

2. Seabreeze*

3. Pizza Galore

4. Bakery*

5. Jan’s *

6. Vorizo*

7. Red’s Fish and Chips*

8. Thatch

9. Ford Cove Store

10. Co-op

*Breakfast too!

Guess how many of these places are open in the winter. Where could you go to eat in January?

3 thoughts on “Where to Eat?”

  1. For us most of the pleasure of going out to eat is the novelty of good food in another venue(besides our own kitchen). In the winter there is no such place.
    You can get a pizza or sandwich at the Cove or a fried chicken at the Co-op but you have to take them home.
    Nothing special about that-just convenience.
    Have to go to town for a dining experience. In the winter Hornby looses quite a bit of it’s ‘paradise’ status.

  2. The good news is that the Bird’s temporary use permit from the Islands Trust should just about be issued by closing time in September.

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