2 thoughts on “Party on the Rock”

  1. I didn’t notice the date on this article. It was 1970 wasn’t it? Keith Stonehouse got the bull dozer out and tried to bull doze Tribune Bay beach forts of the hippies? 🙂

    I suspect the problem last weekend will happen again and get worse before it gets better, but me, I’m all for the law and order and I send thank yous to the RCMP and the rest who helped out.

  2. What they didn’t mention was the garbage all over, the trashing of the Depot(again), the break-ins and parties in empty houses, the several hundred people blocking the only road and harrassing residents trying to get through by pounding and rocking their cars, the parked cars and trucks along the road and the Co-op parking lot, for three days, full of sleeping/passed out kids with sleeping bags, coolers,clothes, and garbage all around them. We were really lucky no one was killed or injured and there were no fires… Thanks to the vigilant work of the RCMP, HI Firefighters and First Responders and the Parks people AND the local workers and volunteers. It was a difficult weekend.

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