More cars?

Here’s some more cars, some of which are definitely forgettable.


Bought this in London, we used it to tour Europe.

Back in England and on our way home to Canada I took it to an auto wrecker. “I don’t value it at nuffin.”

But he would take it for free so I left it at his front gate. more


Studebaker(I think!). We existed on $500 cars: when they began to cause problems they were immediately traded for a “new” junker.


I think this car ended up in a Dean Ellis sculpture,” Valiant Love”.


Volkswagon Golf. Rust bucket, hunk of junk turned me off German vehicles to this day.


Toyotas never stop running even when the rust is opening up new ventilation.


This Corolla is headed for the scrap heap. Kathi’s new car, the Honda, is right behind.

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