One thought on “Broad leaved Maple”

  1. It seems that Mr. Frederick Traugott Pursh had a rough ending to his life as well. According to Wikipedia he moved from England to Canada in 1816. He botanized a great deal in Quebec, but all the material he accumulated was destroyed by fire before it could be organized into suitable form for publication. His hopes of carrying out further major work were prevented by ill health due to alcoholism.

    He was so destitute when he died in Montreal that his funeral expenses had to be defrayed by his friends. His remains lay in the Papineau Road cemetery until 1857, when they were moved to the Mount Royal Cemetery. A proper monument was paid for by subscription. It read as follows:

    Frederick Pursh,
    Obt. 1820, AEt. 46.
    By Members of the
    Natural History Society
    of Montreal

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