We prebuilt the cabin on our property in North Van. Here Ron Shulman uses an unfamiliar tool(hammer). As we were building I got a visit from a building inspector who told me I needed a permit for any kind of construction. I explained that we were just pre-fabbing and the structure would be dis-assembled within 2 weeks. He said that he would return and if it was still here we’d be in BIG trouble.

As were taking it apart and readying it for the rental truck another inspector came round and told me I would need a permit to tear down any structure. These bureaucratic invasions were just the spurs we needed to ‘get out of town’.

Every piece marked and ready to go in the rent-a-truck.

2 thoughts on “By-Laws”

  1. I’m impressed with such early rustic prefabbing, Bob. Was this because of the lack of power at your site? Or just cause you could?

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