Mechanics delight

The Backhoe was having serious problems, so that winter we hired a mechanic and his two sons to come up to Hornby, stay at Ted’s summer place and fix the thing. They spent a month taking the whole damn thing apart then persuaded us that we needed to send the machine to the mechanics place in Victoria.

I was very reluctant to do this as I had lost trust in this set of bunglers. No choice though, so the beast was loaded on a truck and we waved goodbye. A month later Ted and I decided to go down and see the progress. NO PROGRESS! We told the mechanic we were taking it back.

The day we brought the truck to take it to the Case Dealer the mechanic chose not to be home. The Case guys told us they knew about this incompetent a**hole and commiserated with us and our troubles. A complete waste of time and money.

One thought on “Mechanics delight”

  1. That’s one sad story, Bob. And what a waste of time, too. But thanks for these wonderful trips down memory lane — I had forgotten about the delights of that inspired comic strip and your colorful backhoe career.

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