Ford Cove Hill

The road to the Cove was a lot narrower before 1978. That year I was working for the Department of Highways when we took on widening the dirt road.

An Airtrack, one of the noisiest machines invented. In the mid-sixties I worked with one of them at the WAC Bennett dam. This was before anyone wore ear protectors.

Dynamite! (George Cowie on the right)

It was a few years yet before it was paved. It was determined that the tree on the left could constitute a danger to traffic so we put a cable on it and tried to pull it over with the backhoe. Didn’t move an inch, still there today.

I worked lots of overtime that winter and spring; hours of snow removal and this job. In those days, instead of money you were allowed to take time off with full pay. I took advantage of that and we did a road trip to Disneyland.