9 thoughts on “Togetherness”

  1. She ipad, he iphone- feet touching, that’s as good as it gets. Thank-you Steve Jobs. I know, bitter much?

  2. He no longer knew what she was reading, she no longer knew what secrets he jotted to himself in his notebook, but they both still felt a shiver go up their legs when their running shoes accidentally bumped each other under the table.

  3. Husband: See that old couple over there. That will be us in ten years honey.
    Wife: That’s a mirror you idiot.

  4. she: “well i’m not surprised, i could have told
    you a year ago when we saw her in the..”
    he: “dn flr uprnd nt shlgph..”

  5. Stunning picture Bob.

    I presume she is visiting the “Photos from Hornby Island” web site, while he is sending you an e-mail asking you to stop taking pictures of him…

  6. There are so many ways I love this photo — social comment, composition, aging toward sameness, body language,…

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