Downes Point, Hornby Island

In 1985 I was hired to photograph a property for sale (Little ‘G’ Ranch). The seller hired an air plane to get shots from the sky. Naturally I took advantage of the flight and shot 6 rolls. Couldn’t talk the pilot into flying below 350 feet. Some kind of rule.

One thought on “Downes Point, Hornby Island”

  1. It’s actually 400 feet, but who’s counting… I believe the rule applies to holders of private or commercial licences– if one upgrades to stunt flying (which requires further training and testing) I believe you can then do what you like, but only with a specific permit. Canadian flying regulations are exceedingly strict, unlike our jolly cousins to the south, which probably accouts for our international rating of top pilot training and safety statistics. This doesn’t stop the occasional daredevil, but if he gets caught, he can give up flying until he grows a pair of wings… Speaking from personal experience, flying that low is pretty scary– you’d be surprised at how quickly hills appear, and how unwilling a Cessna is to make sharp altitude changes…

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