7 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Walk.”

  1. mr. morritt would happily make “Alice in Wonderland”
    available to anyone who would care to bare out
    mr. cain’s theory, so to speak.

  2. Dream on Penelope. I do notice that traffic increases when I show a naked body on the site. The logical experiment would be to have someone else naked to see if it’s not just Mr M. who brings traffic. So, Penelope….

  3. I have never been in the park naked – oh perhaps as a baby – but Mr Morritt starred in The Hour of the Chicken (starring Fraser Cain age five ) where we threw a body off the cliffs -s o everything is LINKED – and Mr Morritt kindly drowned for us in Tribune Bay – maybe we could have another showing of this movie this summer when I get there. I think if we know this is a series, then after Kathi Linman at the recycling depot ex dump, we had Mr Morritt there – and so now you in the park, thus .. hmmh … maybe… I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr Cain has a photograph of Mr Morritt on the BLUFFs next.

  4. Penelope, are you often in the park naked?? Maybe we just didn’t know proper park etiquette, OR should have had Mr. Morritt with us!

  5. Okay that was silly, it is lovely to see all those wonderful friends in the park in the morning !

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