6 thoughts on “Toby Island”

  1. Oh I am no expert in grandmothers or grammar or mothers or self congratulatory, insufferably preening assimilated hornby islanders — but I think Nor is Rocks – should be called islands and Toby island should be called a rock – or am I taking up arms at low tide in the sea of trouble?

  2. oh yeah? well your mother no.i will not demean myself
    to reply in kind at a level which calls into question your family breeding. simply, toby, or not toby, that
    was the question. and I, had the answer

  3. Oh no! Penelope is going to criticize my grammar . I meant Insufferable, self-congratulatory, preening ass**hle

  4. just the kind of cruel response one would expect from
    an insecure over-sensitive artist-type. you’re lucky
    i’m not on facebook, otherwise i’d de-friend you

  5. nice pic but norris rocks is way way out there over to
    the left, toby island is front and center. no need to
    thank me, happy to correct you.

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