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  1. I heard the same story that Gordie told. The only addition is that he fell over when he stood up to take a pee.

  2. Maybe he is a visiting haida spirit in the form of a human on Hornby Island or one of the salish nation… whatever you do – treat him well. Fill up his canoe with treats and look him in the eye and be prepared to listen carefully to what the eagles tell you as they soar over head or over heard if you like.

  3. Well, I heard he was caught in a storm while rowing to Haida Gwaii and broke his arm….this story was 3rd hand to me so Gordy’s might be closer to the truth….if we care??

  4. Hi Bob

    In regards to your photo of the war canoe that was tied up at the Spit in October….I had a visit with the rower in the ferry building one morning. We talked for about half an hour. His name is James and he is from Alert Bay. James was on a quest.
    If you would like to know about the conversation we had, let me know.

  5. His name is James,I think he said he was from Alert bay..took a fall when he arrived on Hornby and broke some ribs,he was going to wait and heal up before moving on

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