11 thoughts on “Goodbye…”

  1. Thank you for informing me. My favorite memory is the two of you, Fraser and the dog living in the camper. First you fed Fraser in the tub, then the dog licked out the tub, then he got a bath in it. I can still hear Jo laughing at our shock! em

  2. Jo is so young in this picture, you two knew each other and were friends for 50 years, that is truly wonderful. She leaves a hole in my heart with her passing ,she was always so caring and interested in everyone’s lives. And then you didn’t know if she was going to write a story about it!
    Loved her, as did many.

  3. I am so sorry ! I have always admired Jo . She was so intelligent and a great friend to my mother Mary and My father John Fletcher. Huge Hugs to Bob Cain and Fraser! Love Josephine Fletcher

    And Hasla!

  4. She will, indeed, be missed. We had some good times when the kids were babies.

  5. She was truly great. A great mom, person, friend, sister and to me, aunt. Life can be unfair. She will very much be missed.

  6. Goodbye Dearest Jo! You were such a good and loyal friend. We had wonderful times and deep talks together. I will miss you so much. I love you Jo!

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