6 thoughts on “Old Friends”

  1. No, Jo was perfectly at home with horses. Her footwear reflects that. That was our intention that day: to go out to Abbotsford and ride horses. These horses were real smart. They knew the way to the barn real good. That’s the only time they were willing to go faster than a slow walk.

  2. Oh, and may I comment on the movie star hair? Shallow, I know, but really the hair and sunglasses ,tres chic!

  3. I love that Jo looked so cool and at home ‘on the beast’ with her totally inappropriate footwear! Guessing that she didn’t know that horse back riding was on the agenda, but went along with it gamely! Horses are great Bob! Stop fighting it, lol! It probably is disconcerting being around an animal that knows what you are thinking before you do. 🙂 🙂

  4. There’s a blast from the past..what a great picture..Ron looking like he was a born horseman,totally relaxed,Jo so beautiful,a tear to my eye

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