I bought a Ford from one of the guys who had just quit (quitting was a problem for the dam builders as there was never enough workers, those days it was easy to find work so if guys wanted a little vacation they knew that they could easily sign up again) With four drivers we could make it to Vancouver in a day. Which we did whenever we got a three day weekend. Turn around was mighty abrupt but the trips were necessary for sanity.

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  1. That problem could have been solved with a rotation system of crews like they have now, 3 weeks on 10 days off or anything like it..as you say,then you just stayed until you couldn’t stand it any more and then left…no notice..just walked in at the end of your shift handed in your time card and said adios and you can mail me my cheque. I Often wondered why the powers that ran the show never thought about that back in the day.

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