12 thoughts on “Stuff”

  1. You have ALWAYS been a cutie. Ah…and you are born in the year of the Monkey. Lots of Monkeys turning 70 this year, my husband included. Dare I suggest a celebration in the Oak Grove?

  2. Bob you were/are a really cute baby.

    Seventy !!

    And it only gets worse.

    But nevertheless enjoy the wisdom, the insights, the happiness of your good life well lived and of having been/still being a great human being and a fantastic artist.

    Best belated wishes –

  3. Oh Bob! , are we really that age??? are we any wiser, hopefully ,but, as I always say, we choose the life we have lead…..it is our responsibility to make it good.
    Thanks you and Kathi for a lovely dinner/party and all the hugs from friends from then and now.

  4. I remember that picture! You are still a very good looking person and are still young yet!

  5. Happy Birthday Bob! That’s definitely YOU in that cutie baby picture.

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