Tarvy, that’s what they called it. You had to do a gravel spread of a certain length. Then an  oil truck would put down a layer of oil. After that the grader would spend a long time mixing the two until finally laying out the roadway which would be flattened by a steam roller.1973. That’s Robbie Stevens monitoring  the flow. He and Doug Nixon were hired on that summer as casuals. Ahead of Robbie you can see the marker. We were supposed to control our dump to fit between the flag guy and that mark. Got pretty good at it after a while.

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  1. .. to think that I worked for a living once ! . I remember the dust and sweat and heat, and hitch hiking down to the Thatch for a shower and a hamburger and beer before hitching a ride back to Anderson Rd .. Kate Sutherland stopped once in awhile with her freight truck and told me not to lift rocks bigger than I was …

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