10 thoughts on “Salesman”

  1. I remember Tim being the auctioneer…. maybe this one or one in the school field. I bought a beautiful velvet peacock tapestry rug for $1. My first ever purchase at an auction. It’s still on my dresser to this day. Thanks for being our collective memory keeper.

  2. It is so strange and wonderful to be given these telescopic (not the right word….) like images into people, places and event in the past – which for some of us was just yesterday or last week and we hadn’t realized that 37 years has gone by since 1978….when I look at photographs like this I sort of kind of magically can think back to that week almost guess where I was when that photograph was taken as if the photograph was taken just last week.

  3. and Rita Trimble …. Rita and Muriel … the hardware ladies at the co-op then … With their carpenter’s pouches …. 🙂

  4. Yes,it’s Muriel. Margo Foote Thom on her left(standing) with John Fletcher and Rick Morritt. And maybe Parker Mac kenzie behind Muriel on the right? And possibly the back of Julian Laffin,s blonde head in the front?

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