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  1. Hello Bob;

    I just discovered your website yesterday when someone sent a picture of my mother, Muriel Rogers, who was assisting at one of the Island auctions.

    What a terrific time-sink! I didn’t move away from the computer for several hours, and thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing. Seeing all those folks, especially the ’70s pictures, when the island explosion started was wonderful. Rita, Lorna and Moffat were good friends of my parents from the first day they arrived on Hornby in the late ’60s. So many people I met over the years of summer holidays, birthday parties, family gatherings. We love Hornby, and are so glad the family is still represented on the Island with Ondrea and her tribe.

    I have one of the prints of my dad and Albert Savoie measuring a frame for the community-built cabin. My dad told me that the cabin itself probably was out of plumb, but as a carpenter, any window or door they framed would darned well be exact!

    All my family and vacation snaps were lost in the High River flood, so I really cherish all the Hornby photos on your site. Although they aren’t my kids pictures, I get such warm feelings and memories when I see those familiar places with a lot of familiar faces.

    Thank you for a wonderful trip down memory lane. And thank you for not organizing everything chronologically – it makes for a lovely surreal experience to see old and new all jumbled together. Just like Hornby – old people, young people, used-to-be’s and newcomers.

    Jocelyn (Rogers) Laing
    High River, Alberta

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