Slade Motel


In 1975 Sid Slade moved these Victoria motel units onto his land(Greg and Toglia’s now across from the co-op)without consulting with any government authority. His intention, to start a motel on Hornby was thwarted from the start. The units remained there for years gradually disintegrating . Eventually he managed to sell a few. You can still see them up Slade Road. The last one burned down in the eighties. Some say it was squatters that lit the match.

One thought on “Slade Motel”

  1. I “harvested” window trim and door trim from one of the last of these “no-tell motel” units
    (with Greg’s permission, of course).
    Sanded the layers of (lead?) paint off and reused them as window trim when I built my caravan
    (then over at the dome, now in sandpiper over at Shakti’s?).
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all still there in the caravan,
    the trim that is.
    Thanks for the photos, Bob!
    They always bring back such memories for me.

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