Taking the Laundry…

Jimmy  Armstrong and Jan Wood/ 1977. (Thanks, Gord)

She  instigated the phrase ‘Taking the Laundry to town”.  She told folks that that was what she was doing. She never came back! Husband (not Jimmy) was totally surprised. For years it was a term to describe an immanent breakup. Kinda like the term “Going outside to push a truck”. Which was the original intent except that those helping smoked a few joints. So, the saying indicated that smoke was available and happening outside. I remember one time the term was used and a number of visitors got up to help. They were confused when told that the truck was ok and no need to help.

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  1. what a great pic of Jimmy
    Vic quit the ferry, ran off to be a christian long haul trucker, I saw their 2 boys in Gibson, when we were doing the movie double jeopardy

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