Large prints mounted on board.

 A firm wanted a wall size mural for their conference room. I took the 5×7 camera to the beach and shot a picture of downtown Vancouver. Mounting large murals took some expertise. Each section overlapped slightly. So the print was mounted with overlap and then cut to fit. A tricky process as the paper tended to shrink as it dried. We used a special wallpaper paste that  wouldn’t allow shrinkage.

Hiding the seams.

These two got pretty good at it and we hired them whenever we were responsible for mounting.

3 thoughts on “Production”

  1. Remembering Focus and helping you in the night with big prints, turning off the enlarger when the trains went by, sloshing the prints in the huge developing trough, smoking cigarettes and drinking beer into the night.

  2. first photo: big tree and lumber jack standing by his cut, reminded me of the wonderful photos (no one was vandalizing them then) they had at Cathedral Grove, way back in the day (mid 50’s). we would stop there en route to camping on the beach at Tofino. i still have the glass floats i found there.

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