Jo and I had decided to move to Hornby so in 1971 we went looking for land.

First we looked at the place Joe Lowery would buy but finally bought 10 acres from John and Mary Fletcher. (I’m not going to tell you how much we paid. It’ll just make you angry)

Richard Dunne, Hal Arnold/1981

Frank Howard,Joane Humphrey/2002

Tears at a wedding.

5 thoughts on “Hornby”

  1. Beautiful shots! I’d not seen that one of Joane and Frank. Miss them so much.

  2. It caused a lot of torment in me, but definitely not anger – probably because John and Olivia/Mary were trying to make a beautiful neighbourhood of friends- and they didn’t believe in ownership of land, but in the end – Josephine and I lost ‘our’ bit of Hornby because of the mortgage we took when John died, and will never be able to buy land anywhere in BC. I always feel – that we should have fought to keep the place- and I am sure we could have. In a sort of enlightened way – it is lovely to see your photos and I can smell the smell of alder just split. These are good things.

  3. The first picture is so representative of the times, it is beautiful — as are the four of you.

  4. I’ll bet you didn’t buy the Lowery place, because you had a hunch who’d move in next door.

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